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By George R. Waller

ISBN-10: 0841209928

ISBN-13: 9780841209923

ISBN-10: 0841211671

ISBN-13: 9780841211674

content material: the potential for allelochemicals : possibilities for the longer term / Orville G. Bentley --
Allelopathy : an summary / Elroy L. Rice --
eastern contributions to the advance of allelochemicals / Horace G. Cutler --
Allelopathy within the Soviet Union / A.M. Grodzinsky --
Allelopathy related to microorganisms : case histories from the uk / J.M. Lynch --
Allelopathy in wasteland ecosystems / Jacob Friedman --
bettering crop productiveness in India : function of allelochemicals / S.J.H. Rizvi and V. Rizvi --
version of root and microflora rhizosphere exudates in genotypes of barley / Gunnar Stenhagen, Hans Alborn, and Tomas Lundborg --
Allelopathy in Mexico / A.L. Anaya, L. Ramos, J.G. Hernandez, and R. Cruz --
Allelopathy in subtropical crops and soils in Taiwan / Chang-Hung Chou --
Germination and development inhibitors as allelochemicals / W. Rüdiger and E. Lohaus --
Resistance of cereal plants to aphids : function of allelochemicals / Luis J. Corcuera, Victor H. Argandoña, and Gustavo E. Zuñiga --
Exploring allelochemistry in aquatic platforms / okay. Irwin Keating --
Allelopathy : a biotechnological-agrochemical technique / Basil A. Burke --
Allelopathy in Australia : bacterial mediation / J.V. Lovett --
Allelopathy : a possible reason for wooded area regeneration failure / Richard F. Fisher --
Allelopathic results on mycorrhizae : impact on constitution and dynamics of wooded area ecosystems / David A. Perry and Carolyn Choquette --
Allelopathic interference of black walnut timber with nitrogen-fixing crops in combined plantings / Felix think about, Jr. --
Allelopathic interference with regeneration of the Allegheny hardwood woodland / Stephen B. Horsley --
Conjugation of allelochemicals via crops : enzymatic glucosylation of salicylic acid by way of Avena sativa / Nelson E. Balke, Michael P. Davis, and Carol C. Lee --
The position of phytochemistry in attacking the leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) challenge / Gary D. Manners --
A look for the allelopathic brokers in diffuse knapweed / A.D. Muir, W. Majak, F. Balza, and G.H.N. Towers --
results of phenolic acids, coumarins, and flavonoids on remoted chloroplasts and mitochondria / Donald E. Moreland and William P. Novitzky --
Allelopathic interference in a wild mustard (Brassica campestris L.) and broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica) intercrop agroecosystem / Juan J. Jiménez-Osornio and Stephen R. Gliessman --
Specificity of motion of allelochemicals : diversification of glycosides / Kevin C. Spencer --
Purine alkaloids in tea seeds in the course of germination / Takeo Suzuki and George R. Waller --
elevated focus of myristicin and 6-methoxymellein in carrot root upon irradiation with UV gentle / Shelly G. Yates --
Interference among plants and weeds / Richard J. Aldrich --
Micro liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry mixture : program to allelochemical compounds / Hans Alborn and Gunnar Stenhagen --
Isolation and identity of plant development inhibitors from leaves of the yank cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) / Peter Wepplo --
A swift seedling bioassay for the research of allelopathy / Donn G. Shilling and Fumio Yoshikawa --
Interactions between allelochemicals and different pressure elements of the plant setting / F.A. Einhellig --
Sorption and mineralization of plant phenolic acids in soil / Thanh H. Dao --
Allelopathic impacts on no tillage as opposed to traditional tillage in wheat creation / George R. Waller, E.G. Krenzer, Jr., James okay. McPherson, and Steven R. McGown --
reviews at the fulvic and humic acids of Minnesota peat / Durga Kumari, S.A. Spigarelli, and George R. Waller --
common plant compounds priceless in insect regulate / James A. Klocke --
Interactions between allelochemicals and bug resistance in crop crops / M.R. Berenbaum and J.J. Neal --
fresh advancements in chemical attractants for tephritid fruit flies / R. Teranishi, R.G. Buttery, K.E. Matsumoto, D.J. Stern, R.T. Cunningham, and S. Gothilf --
Allelochemicals as determinants of insect harm around the North American continent : biotypes and biogeography / J. Mark Scriber, M.T. Stephen Hsia, Pius Sunarjo, and Richard Lindroth --
capability business software of allelochemicals and their difficulties / Han San Ku --
Metabolic detoxing of linear and angular furanocoumarins by means of caterpillars of the black swallowtail butterfly : implications in host plant choice phenomena / G. Wayne Ivie, Don L. Bull, Ross C. Beier, and Nan W. Pryor --
Physiological interactions among phytophagous bugs and their hosts / John C. Reese, Douglas J. Schmidt, and Terry W. Mize --
Structural and genetic edition of traditional insecticides in pigment glands of cotton (Gossypium) / Alois A. Bell, Robert D. Stipanovic, Gary W. Elzen, and Howard J. Williams, Jr. --
Toxicants from mangrove crops : ichthyotoxins from the Philippine plant Heritiera littoralis / D. Howard Miles, Armando A. de los angeles Cruz, Ana M. Ly, Dong-Seok Lho, Edgardo Gomez, James A. Weeks, and Jerry Atwood --
review of allelopathy between microbes and crops / L.F. Elliott and H.H. Cheng --
Phytotoxins from plant pathogens of weedy crops / Gary Strobel, Fumio Sugawara, and Jon Clardy --
Chemical ecology of quinolizidine alkaloids / Michael Wink --
Diterpenoids as insect antifeedants and progress inhibitors : position in solidago species / G.A. Cooper-Driver and P.W. Le Quesne --
Plant-plant reputation : chemistry-mediating host id within the Scrophulariaceae root parasites / Mayland Chang and David G. Lynn --
Plant development regulators and bug keep an eye on brokers from marine organisms / John H. Cardellina, II, Michael F. Raub, and Bradford C. VanWagenen --
Tannins as antifeedants to mammalian herbivores : nonetheless an open query? / Simon Mole and Peter G. Waterman.

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30 ALLELOCHEMICALS: ROLE IN AGRICULTURE A N D FORESTRY colletotrichin against hypocotyls and roots except at c o n c e n t r a t i o n s a b o v e 30 p p m , w h e r e i n r o o t s , i t was m o r e inhibitory. B o t h c o l l e t o t r i c h i n s A and C i n h i b i t e d l e t t u c e seed g e r m i n a t i o n a t 30 t o 1000 ppm, and Β i n h i b i t e d a t 100 t o 1000 ppm. So i t w o u l d appear t h a t c o l l e t o t r i c h i n and c o l l e t o t r i c h i n C a r e an o r d e r o f magnitude g r e a t e r i n a c t i v i t y than c o l l e t o t r i c h i n B .

Ecol. 1981, 7, 333-44. ; Chopart, J. ; Dommergues, Y. Agron. Trop. 1980, 35, 319-34. Ries, S. ; Sweeley, C. ; Leavitt, R. A. Science 1977, 195, 1339-41. Maugh, T. , II. Science 1981, 212, 33-34. Oliver, L. ; Weed Sci. 1979, 27, 183-8. Staniforth, D. W. Weeds 1965, 13, 191-3. Hagood, E. ; Bauman, T. ; Williams, J. ; Schreiber, M. M. Weed Sci. 1980, 28, 729-34. Chandler, J. M. Weed Sci 1977 25 151-58 Robinson, E. L. Weed Elmore, C. D. Weed Sci Colton, C. ; Einhellig, F. A. Am. J. Bot. 1980, 67, 1407-13.

Compare d o e s h a v e a d e n s e p o p u l a t i o n , e s p e c i a l l y when those f i g u r e s are compared on an a r a b l e l a n d r a t i o , but i t i s i n t e r e s t i n g t o s e e t h e demographic f i g u r e s for other countries. For example, the p o p u l a t i o n per square k i l o m e t e r i n 1983 was 616 f o r B a n g l a d e s h , 388 f o r S o u t h K o r e a , 346 f o r the N e t h e r l a n d s , 323 f o r B e l g i u m , 317 f o r J a p a n , 100 f o r C h i n a , and n o t s u r p r i s i n g l y , 24 f o r the USA (_1 ).

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