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At the moment it looks as if indeed most of the CO, produced by man has remained in the atmosphere due to a peculiar buffer mechanism of sea water, and that Callendar’s original suggestion is correct (Bolin and Eriksson, 1959), as will be discussed in more detail in the next section. (3) It was argued that if all the artificially produced CO, that contains no C14 had remained in the atmosphere, one should expect the decrease in the C14/C12ratio to be equivalent to the CO, increase. However, the observed decrease of the C14/C12ratio, sometimes referred to as the Suess effect, is only about 2 to 3% (Revelle and Suess, 1957).

The quantitative treatment of the problem, however, was not satisfactory and is superseded by the analysis of Bolin and Eriksson (1959), which we will discuss in more detail. 148 millimole per liter millimole per liter millimole per liter. [HCO,-] and [CO,'] are controlled by [H,CO,] and the hydrogen ion concentration [H+] through the following equations: [HCO,-l . rH+] / [H,CO,] =K, / [HCO,-] =K, [H+] x [CO,'] where Kl and K , are the first and second dissociation constants of H,CO, in sea water.

MAR. APR. MAY JUNE JULY AUG. SEPT. OCT. NOV. DEC. 10. Isopleths of total ozone in 1 0 - 8 cm STP (Diitsch, 1946). 33 according t o improved values for absorption coefficients (Diitsch, 1969). The values and their seasonal variation increase beyond about 250 latitude. In high latitudes there is a pronounced maximum in spring and a minimum during the fall (Fig. 11). Some evidence is available for low values over the winter pole so that a ridge of maximum values is formed at about 600 latitude for a considerable part of the year.

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