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By P. B. Medawar

ISBN-10: 0060130296

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To these drawn to a existence in technology, Sir Peter Medawar, Nobel laureate, deflates the myths of invincibility, superiority, and genius; as an alternative, he demonstrates it's normal feel and an inquiring brain which are necessary to the scientist’s calling. He deflates the myths surrounding scientists—invincibility, superiority, and genius; in its place, he argues that it's common experience and an inquiring brain which are necessary to the make-up of a scientist. He gives you many wry observations on how you can decide upon a examine subject, tips on how to get alongside wih collaborators and older scientists and directors, how (and how no longer) to give a systematic paper, and the way to deal with culturally ”superior” experts within the arts and arts.

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Young women who enter a scientific profession and who may want to have children should examine their intended employers' rulings about maternity leave, time off with pay while enjoying it, and so on. The provision or non provision of day-care facilities is another consideration to bear in mind. Young women anxious to defend the choice of a scientific career against the anxious and cautionary objections of parents and even old-fashioned school teachers should beware of citing Madame Curie as evidence that women can do well in science; any such tendency to generalize from isolated instances will convince no one that they have a natural aptitude for science -it is not Madame Curie but the tens of thousands of women gainfully and often happily engaged in scientific pursuits who should be called in evidence.

Ronald Clarke, writing on the life of]. S. Haldane,> described how his marital irregularities attracted the attention of the Sex Viri, a sort of buffo male voice sextet who watched over Cambridge's moral welfare and tried to deprive Haldane of his readership (the English equivalent of an associate professorship) on the grounds of immorality. The scenes accompanying the divorce that freed Charlotte Burghes to become Haldane's flrst wife do indeed read like the libretto of comic opera. A scientist's or other research worker's need for tranquillity makes him sound dreadfully dull and pitifully unlike the stereotype of the creative artist of nineteenth-century romantic fiction-/a vie de Boheme and all that.

Cultural Revenge. A scientist who has been culturally snubbed or who feels himself otherwise at a disadvantage may sometimes solace himself by a sour withdrawal from the world of the humanities and the line arts. An alternative medication for bruised psyches is to become a Knowall; one's audience is thenceforward bedazzled by fashionable talk of scenarios, paradigms, Giidel's theorem, the import of Chomsky's linguistics and the extent of Rosicrucian influences on the line arts. A savage revenge indeed, but one that will make a scientist's former companions flee in disorder on his arrival.

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