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3. The PDFs of standard symmetric α-stable (SαS) process for various values of α. noise, or sinusoids that have the same frequencies as the corresponding harmonic components (Kuo & Morgan, 1996). Essentially, a narrowband ANC system would assume the reference signal x (n ) has the same frequency as the primary noise d(n ) at the error microphone. In many practical situations, the reference sinusoidal frequencies used by the adaptive filter may be different than the actual frequencies of primary noise.

234–235. Kuo, S. M. & Ji, M. (1996). Passband disturbance reduction in periodic active noise control systems. IEEE Transactions Speech Audio Processing, Vol. 4, No. 2, 1996, pp. 96–103. Kuo, S. M. & Morgan, D. R. (1996). Active Noise Control Systems-Algorithms and DSP Implementations, New York: Wiley. Kuo, S. M. & Tahernezhadi, M. (1997). Frequency-domain periodic active noise control and equalization. IEEE Transactions Speech Audio Processing, Vol. 5, 1997, pp. 348–358. Kuo, S. M. & Vijayan, D.

Recently noise reduction for motorcycle helmets is evaluated and some interesting results using hybrid ANC have been reported in (Castañé-Selga & Sánchez Peña, 2010). In such applications, ASQC systems must be employed so that noise and horn–sounds from the neighboring vehicles are not completely removed. 7. Concluding remarks In this chapter we have provided a comprehensive review of adaptive filtering algorithms developed for ANC systems. We mentioned several signal processing challenges with open problems for further research and development.

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