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This is known as social engineering. com pretending to be a communications technician. A packet sniffer is then connected to the network switch in the wiring closet and hidden behind the switch against a wall. com - The Power of Knowing SY0-101 is known as? A. It is an example of social engineering. B. It is an example of a vulnerability scan. C. It is an example of a man in the middle attack. D. It is an example of a penetration test. Answer: A QUESTION 163 Which of the following network mapping tools uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)?

Spamming C. Teardrop D. Dictionary Answer: D Explanation: Dictionaries may be used in a cracking program to determine passwords. com - The Power of Knowing SY0-101 dictionary attack involves trying a list of hundreds or thousands of words that are frequently chosen as passwords against several systems. Although most systems resist such attacks, some do not. In one case, one system in five yielded to a particular dictionary attack. QUESTION 94 Determine the vulnerability that functions by passing invalid data to a program?

C. Broadcast a message to the entire organization to alert users to the presence of a virus. D. Locate and download a patch to repair the file. Answer: A Explanation: If a virus threat is for real, the major anti-virus players like Symantec, McAfee, or Sophos will know about it before you, and they will have details on their sites. Incorrect answers: Searching for and deleting a file is not only a waste of time with today's OS's complex directory systems, but its also ineffective. ' Broadcasting an alert and creating panic isn't the right thing to do, because it will waste bandwidth, and perhaps terrorizing the users is the original intent of the attack.

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