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By Viacheslav A. Chirikba

ISBN-10: 3895861367

ISBN-13: 9783895861369

Abkhaz is without doubt one of the 3 languages comprising the Abkhazo-Adyghean, or West Caucasian department of North Caucasian linguistic relatives (the different department being Nakh-Daghestanian, or East Caucasian). Abkhaz is spoken by way of nearly 100,000 humans within the former Soviet union (mainly within the Republic of Abkhazia, Caucasus), and through at the least an identical variety of audio system in Turkey and a few center east nations (small Abkhaz colonies are available additionally in Western Europe and the USA). Abkhaz is infamous for its large consonantal stock (up to sixty seven consonants in its Bzyp dialect) and via its minimum vocalic process: merely vowels. notwithstanding Abkhaz used to be studied through a couple of students (among whom P. Uslar in XIX century, or extra simply okay. Lomtatidze in Georgia and G. Hewitt in nice Britain), many facets of Abkhaz grammar (especially its syntax) nonetheless need to be correctly defined. Abkhaz is the one West Caucasian language to own the class of grammatical sessions, manifested in own pronouns, verb conjugation, numerals and in classification of quantity. Abkhaz is an ergative language, the ergative development being represented no longer through case endings, as in comparable Circassian and Ubykh (Abkhaz doesn't have the case system), yet by way of order of actant markers. The verbal root is composed frequently of 1 consonant, preceded via a string of prefixes (class-personal, directional, temporal, negational, causative, etc.) and via few suffixes. Verbs might be stative or dynamic, finite or non-finite. The grammatical comic strip of Abkhaz contains information regarding its phonological process, morphology, and syntax. a quick textual content is supplied with grammatical reviews.

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Ja-nak0ars-! 0a 'slightly touching'. ja-k"'ajcij-wa 'glittering'. c. Reduplication of the Same (ca, cb) or of Different Stems (cd): ca. t 0a 'often', xaz-xaz;j 'separately', air/a-air/a 'with difficulty'' ak'-ak'a 'one by one'. X0ac"(a)-x 0ac";j 'little by little'' mac"-mac"'little by little' . cb. a 'all around' ( < a-k"'+Sa-ra 'to go around'), aa-f:J+g 0asa-f:J+g0a ' nearby'(< ia+j+g 0a 'near'). cd. xara-lly'ira 'dispersedly' ' waxanla-C;in/a 'twenty-four hours'' d. Conversion: Adjective> Adverb: a-las 'quick' > /ass;i 'quickly', a-ck'a 'clean'> ck'a 'clearly', [a-]aajg 0a 'near'> aajg 0a 'nearby; recently'; Postposition> Adverb: a-c'aq'a 'under'> c'aq'li 'below'.

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