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By David Eugene Smith

ISBN-10: 0486605523

ISBN-13: 9780486605524

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0, let f be a real-valued (measurable) function with domain A2xR+, where R+~[O,~), and define the quantity r(f) according to 49 r(f) - E{f(X,P)} . 4) Now we select a fixed state, 10, from A2, begin the simulation of X with X(0)-iO, and carry out the simulation of X in cycles defined by the successive returns to state i0. +Uk, k~l. 3) and the definition of a regenerative process. It comprises the key observation which leads to point and interval estimates for r(f). 5) THEOREM. The stochastic process {(Xn,Pn+l):nzO} is a regenerative process in discrete time with regeneration points {8k:k~0}.

0. EXAMPLES AND SIMULATION RESULTS To illustrate the marked Job method of the previous sections for estimation of passage times in closed networks of queues, we consider two examples. Descriptions of the networks and state vector definitions appear in this section, along with illustrative numerical results. 1. 1. Upon completion of ~ service at center i, in accordance with a binary-valued variable ~, the job Joins the tail of the queue in center 1 (when ~-i) or Joins the tail of the queue in center 2 for 8 service (when ~-0).

0. THE MARXED JOB METHOD We base the as~Imatlon of general characteristics of passage times in a closed network of queues of Section 3 on the measurement of passage times for a typical Job, the marked Job discussed above. It is intuitively clear and is shown in Appendix 1 that the sequence of passage times for any other job (as well as the sequence of passage times, irrespective of Job identity, in order of stark or termination) convergesln distribution to the same random variable as the sequence of passage times for the marked job.

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