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By Frank Downs Parker

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FIG. -Dorsal view of left half of genital capsule, periallis. FIG. -Cuspis, digitus, periallis. 35 mi. W. , IV-27-64 (CAT). OREGON: Klamath Falls, V-IO-24 (CLF). ARIZONA: Nr. Roosevelt Lake, IV-17-47 (H&MT). -Encelia farinosa, Lycium fremontii, L. paUidum, Pluchea servicea, Lesq~terella palmeri, Sa1'cobatus ve1"lniculatus, Tetradymia canescens, Sphaeralcea ambigua. -As in erubescens, 2 color forms exist in periallis. The males are always black and white, whereas some females are like the males and others are extensively marked with red; however, the amount of white pigmentation on the males does vary.

107) ; tongue short, not reaching beyond fore coxa when extended, segments of labial palpus not reduced (Fig. 102); mandibles 4-toothed in male, 5-toothed in female, but basal 2 teeth fused (Fig. 112) ; clypeus in profile swollen basally, sloping apically; interantennal tubercle prominent; inner eye margins almost vertical; interocellar area either with a single median swelling or surface smooth, micropunctate; hind face of propodeum without shiny lateral armature; upper propodeal lamella broad apically, pigmented; tergite I overlapping sternite I ventrally, longer than broad; tergite II as long as broad and as long as sternite II; pubescence short, thick, bloomlike; genitalia as in Fig.

1_ bellulzts ellenae I L~ 'l'J'wrshi The elongate second tergite is characteristic of this and of the 1Himaissi1'11/l,f,s group. With the entbesce'N,s group the beUulus group shares 1 character, the creased second sternite. It appears that the bellztlus group is a link between the two. Key to Species in the belluhts Group 1. Males Females , 2 4 2. Pranotal carina raised along most of anteriOl' margin of pronotum; extreme apical margin of c1ypeus black, white basally, Arizona and Texas .... 1S entirely white, California ...

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