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By W.F. Vallicella

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The middle of philosophy is metaphysics, and on the middle of the guts lie questions about life. what's it for any contingent factor to exist? Why does any contingent factor exist? name those the character query and the floor query, respectively. the 1st matters the character of the life of the contingent existent; the second one matters the floor of the contingent existent. either questions are historical, and but perennial of their charm; either have presided over the burial of such a lot of in their would-be undertakers that it's a sturdy induction that they're going to proceed to take action. For a while now, the popular kind in addressing such questions has been deflationary whilst it has now not been eliminativist. Ask Willard Quine what lifestyles is, and you'll pay attention that "Existence is what existential quantification expresses. "! Ask Bertrand Russell what it's for someone to exist, and he'll inform you that somebody can not more exist than it may be various: there 2 simply is not any such factor because the life of people. and naturally Russell's eliminativist solution means that one can't even ask, on discomfort of succumbing to the fallacy of complicated query, why any contingent person exists: if no person exists, there will be absolute confidence why any person exists. let alone Russell's modal corollary: 'contingent' and 'necessary' can merely be stated de dicto (of propositions) and never de re (of things).

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Recall schema (S): Necessarily, x exists (in mode 1) if and only if there is a y (which exists in mode 2) such that y stands in R to x. We arrive at our paradigm theory by filling in this schema. This yields (PT): Necessarily, for any contingent x, x exists if and only if (i) there is a necessary y such that y is a paradigm existent, and (ii) y, as the unifier of x's ontological constituents, directly produces the unity/existence of x. Since the paradigm existent is a necessary being, no question can arise as to why it exists.

The ND-theorist holds that in sober ontological truth there is no such distinction. The basic idea is expressed by Donald C. Williams when he writes that "a thing's existence is it.. ,,22 Thus for any x, the existence . of x is just x, which implies both that there is no difference between x and existence, and no difference between x and x's having existence. The 'no difference' approach can be described as issuing in extreme ontological identity: since existence is in no way different from individuals, existence is identical to individuals.

For they need the paradigm in order to exist. The paradigm is paradigmatic in that it is selfexistent. All else, however, is existentially derivative, and thus existentially substandard. A paradigm theory, however, need not be a monistic theory, and the paradigm theory to be developed in this book is not a monistic theory. It does not claim that there is exactly one substance of which all else is an accident. It does not maintain that the existing of a contingent individual is its inhering in a substance; rather, it tries to accommodate the apparent fact that contingent individuals have their own existence over against the paradigm existent and over against each other.

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