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By Francisco Suarez

ISBN-10: 1417594292

ISBN-13: 9781417594290

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37–8. Metaphysics Book II 21 49 Cf. DM 44, vol. 26, pp. ” Cf. 993b24–5. 23 Cf. ibid. 24 That is the fourth argument of the famous “5 ways” to prove the existence of God. For this, cf. C. De Propaganda Fide, 1888), p. 32a. , q. 44, a. 1, tom. IV, p. 455b. 26 Cf. Opera omnia, tomus decimus tertius (Romae: Typis Riccardi Garroni, 1918), pp. 33b–34a. 27 Cf. In Summam Theologiam I, 2, 3, n. VII, in: S. Thomae Aquinatis, Omnia opera, tom. IV, p. , 44, 1, n. VIII, pp. 456b–57a. 28 Cf. In Summam contra Gentiles, I, c.

For Bonini’s influence on Suárez, cf. , “Alejandro de Alejandria: su influjo en el Doctor Eximio y la dificultad criticista,” Pensamiento, 4, numero extraordinario (1948), 91–122. 19 Subjective parts divide a universal whole. For examples: at the level of a genus, the universal whole, animal, is divided into subjective parts such as man or dog, or, at the level of a species (as in the present text), the universal whole, man, is divided into subjective parts such as Peter and Paul. 20 Cf. DM 1, 6, n.

I, d. 3, q. 1, vol. 1, pp. 166–7. 31 Cf. 72a29–30. 32 For this, cf. F. F. Hugonis Cavelli Hiberni. F. Mauritii de Portu Hiberni; Expositio, Lib. F. Ioannis Duns Scoti, Opera omnia, quae hucusque reperiri potuerunt, collecta, recognita, notis, scholiis, et commentariis illustrata, a PP. Hibernis, Collegii Romani S. Isidori Professoribus (Lugduni: Sumptibus Laurentii Durand, 1639), Tomus IV, p. 65b. On Antonio Andreas as author of the Expositio here, cf. E. Gilson, Jean Duns Scot: Introduction à ses positions fondamentales (Paris: Librairie Philosophique J.

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