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By Peres Y., Zeitouni O.

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Since the same estimates are valid also for Ck,2 and Ck,2 replacing Ck,1 and Ck,1 , it follows that PGW (Ckc ) ≤ 4b−c5 k . (82) On the other hand, let Z i denote the collection of vertices in D bk/8 hit by X ·i . On Ck there are at most bk/4 vertices in Z 1 . e. before time bk/4 , for otherwise Z 1 ∩ Z 2 = ∅. Therefore, PGW ((A1k )c ∩ Ck ) ≤ E GW PTo (X ·2 visits Z 1 before time bk/4 ) ≤ bk/4 E GW max PTo (X ·2 visits v before time bk/4 ). v∈D (83) bk/8 When λ > 1, there exists a constant c6 < c5 such that uniformly in v ∈ D bk/8 , PTo (X ·2 visits v before time bk/4 ) ≤ bk/4 e−c6 b .

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