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This difference allows us to represent strings more compactly in memory: a string of size N requires (N + 4) bytes of memory to store its length and content. , string-length, string-ref, and string-set!. scm. c creates a context struct to be used by the scheme_entry procedure to save the callee-save registers. 0. scheme_entry: 1. movl 4(%esp), %ecx 2. movl %ebx, 4(%ecx) 3. movl %esi, 16(%ecx) 4. movl %edi, 20(%ecx) 5. movl %ebp, 24(%ecx) 6. movl %esp, 28(%ecx) 7. movl 12(%esp), %ebp 8. 9. 10. 11.

Previously, we saved the value of the %esp register in the scratch register %ecx. As we use more registers in our compiler (like %ebp), we need to free more of the C register. At this point, it’s better to implement a full context-switching mechanism to save and restore all of the C register. 12, p. 39) creates a context struct and passes a pointer to it to the scheme_entry along with the stack/heap pointers. The context struct has eight fields to hold the values of the eight machine registers.

The procedure unique-label can be used to create these labels. Once we have the labels, we create the initial environment which maps the lvars to their corresponding labels. The code for each lambda is emitted next followed by the code for the body of the letrec. ) Expr ) form is tackled next. The lambda form must bind its formal arguments to the appropriate locations in which these formals arrive. We know that the return point will be located at %esp, so the formals will be located at indices −4, −8, −12, .

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